Oral Presentations
Oral talks will be given in English and will last 15 min plus 5 min for questions. Presenters will receive a communication by e-mail regarding the day and time of their talks. As ICHNIA 2024 does not have parallel sessions, time and hour may be re-scheduled in case of no-shows. The technical sessions schedule will be available after March 15, 2024.

Poster Structure and Presentation 
Posters must be vertically oriented (portrait orientation), with 90 cm wide and 160 cm long, printed in paper/fabric, without frame. Posters will be fixed by pins, thus a 1 cm-wide white border in all sides is required. It must be written in English, using Arial Rounded, Arial Unicode, or Arial lettering. ICHNIA 2024 official logo must be inserted in the superior left corner, aligned with the poster title. Students granted with IIA, IAS, and/or SEPM travel grants, must insert the respective logo(s) in the superior right corner, aligned with the title.

ICHNIA 2024 and sponsors official logos are available at https://www.ichnia2024.com/ichnia-2024-timeline/ichnia-2024-second-circular-and-logos. Just click on the image with the right mouse button and download to your computer.

There is no printer service in Canto da Ilha Hotel or nearby; thus, bring your poster printed.

All posters will be exposed from April 15 to 19, 2024, and presenters are invited to stand on their posters every day as much as possible, for questions and discussions. Presenters will receive a communication by e-mail regarding the day that they should stand on their posters for official poster presentation. Poster presentation will last up to 10 min.

For additional information, send a message to ichnia2024@gmail.com.