Dear ICHNIA friends! 

Like the rest of the world, Brazil is now facing the Covid-19 outbreak. Brazilian society is doing its best to flatten the statistical curve and minimize the contagious among people. Although the general data looks like scaring, suggesting that we will have an extreme outbreak, similar to that of Italy and China, the majority of cases are in São Paulo State. Authorities from the southern Brazil cities are acting as fast as possible and declared sanitary emergence to promote social distancing and stimulates self-quarantine to reduce the virus spreading at maximum. 

Brazilian health authorities are estimating a maximum of 20 weeks of extension of the Covid-19 outbreak (until the end of July), based on the situation as experienced in China. Thus, we are confident that we will have no problem keeping ICHNIA 2020 scheduled. For now, the deadlines regarding registration and abstract submission are maintained. We will keep you updated if things change.

For now, let's stay at home caring about ourselves, our old people, relatives, and friends to have a chance to celebrate life and One Ichnology! shortly.

ICHNIA 2020 Organizing Team