Invertebrate trace fossils from Southern Brazil

The Paleozoic deposits of the Paraná Basin are rich in invertebrate trace fossils. They will be the focus of this 4-days tour post-congress field trip, and the participants will be guided to see the Brazilian occurrence of Cruziana acacensis used by Dolf Seilacher to calibrate the Silurian ichnostratigraphy. The localities of the Devonian crowded Rosselia ichnofabric, and the ‘Zoophycos carnival’ will also be visited, besides other areas with a rich Lower Paleozoic Cruziana Ichnofacies assemblage. You will also visit a few siltstone quarries rich in Gondwanan glacial trace fossil and plenty of microbially induced sedimentary structures (MISS). Localities with the post-glacial trace fossil assemblage will also be visited to see the impoverished marginal-marine and shallow marine trace fossil suites that followed a post-glacial marine transgression. 

When: April 20-23, 2024 (post-congress field trip)

Departing from: Canto da Ilha Hotel, Florianópolis, SC

Estimated fee: R$ 2,300.00 (Brazilian Real). The price includes transportation from the Canto da Ilha Hotel and to Hercilio Luz International Airport, in Florianópolis, hotel accommodation (double-based), a field-trip guide, refreshments, and meals.

Minimum/Maximum of participants: 10/25

Photo: Zoophycos ichnofabric from Devonian beds, Paraná Basin (credit: Renata G. Netto)

Be alert!

1. Consider taking Yellow Fever and Measles vaccination before come to this field trip. The use of insect repellent is also highly recommended to avoid mosquitoes that are common in this region.

For further assistance regarding payment of ICHNIA 2024 field trip fees, please contact our Treasury team at treasury@ichnia2024.comFor any other issue, contact