Continental Ichnology of the Botucatu Formation

The Cretaceous deposits of the Botucatu Formation contain a considerable record of vertebrate footprints, including dinosaurs and early mammals, and also arthropod trackways. Giuseppe Leonardi originally studied part of these occurrences since 1977 and registered it in his “Annotated Atlas of South America Tetrapod Footprints (Devonian to Holocene) with an appendix on Mexico and Central America.” In this 3-day tour, the participants will be guided by the sidewalks of Araraquara and São Carlos cities to see beautiful trace fossils preserved in the sandstone slabs used as pavement. Specimens of Brasilichinum elusivum and fascinating dinosaur tracks and trackways, as well as Taenidium and arthropod trackways and burrows, can be seen in this tour. A visit to local collections to see selected specimens and a tentative visit to a Botucatu sandstone quarry is also planned.

When: April 11-13, 2024 (pre-congress field trip)

Departure/Return from: Ribeirão Preto Airport (São Paulo State).

Estimated fee: R$ 1,800.00 (Brazilian Real). The price includes transportation from/to Ribeirão Preto Airport, hotel accommodation (double-based), a field-trip guide, refreshments, and meals.

Minimum/Maximum of participants: 10/40

Photo: Brasilichnium elusivum Leonardi 1981 (credit: Giuseppe Leonardi)

Be alert! 

1. The pre-congress field excursion to Botucatu Fm. deposits will depart from Ribeirão Preto (São Paulo State) early morning on April 11, 2024. Participants must be aware of including the internal flights to the Ribeirão Preto Airport in your travel plan, as the field trip costs will not cover them. Consider flight from your locality to Ribeirão Preto, and then from Ribeirão Preto to Florianópolis. Participants will be informed about bus departing on April 11. The field excursion will end in the Ribeirão Preto Airport on the mid- to late afternoon of April 13, 2024. Take this in account before make your flight reservation from Ribeirão Preto to Florianópolis. Buses are also available between São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, and Florianópolis. For further assistance, please contact the Field Trips Coordinator in the Organizing Team. 

2. Consider taking Yellow Fever and Measles vaccination before come to this field trip. The use of insect repellent is also highly recommended to avoid mosquitoes that are common is this region.

For further assistance regarding payment of ICHNIA 2024 field trip fees, please contact our Treasury team at treasury@ichnia2024.comFor any other issue, contact