Welcome to Brazil! Welcome to ICHNIA 2024 – The 5th International Congress on Ichnology!

ICHNIA 2024 will be held on April 14th - 19th, 2024 in Florianópolis Island, Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, in the Canto da Ilha Hotel and Convention Center, sited at Av. Luiz Boiteux Piazza, 4810, Ponta das Canas.

Every four years, ichnologists from around the world join in a selected place to discuss the progress of our science, share experiences and ideas, and celebrate One Ichnology! With the first edition in 2004 in Trelew, Argentina, ICHNIA – The International Congress on Ichnology took place in Krakow (Poland), St. John, Newfoundland (Canada), and Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal). Brazil had been chosen to house the fifth edition of ICHNIA, and we are proud to be the next hub of Ichnology and to share with you a few of the vast heritage of ancient and modern biogenic structures. The 5th edition of ICHNIA was planed to be in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was postponed to April 2024.

The Canto da Ilha Hotel will be the official house of ICHNIA 2024. To experience the spirit of One Ichnology! philosophy, the ICHNIA 2024 Organizing Team expects that all participants stay accommodated at the hotel during the whole event. The hotel counts with 48 rooms that offer single, double, or triple-based accommodation in single or double beds, with private bathroom, local cable TV, fridge, and a balcony to the garden. Prices include free parking (if you come by car), free wifi and a complimentary breakfast.

Room reservations will be made exclusively by the ICHNIA 2024 Registration Form. The ICHNIA 2024 Organizing Team will transfer all reservation requirements to the hotel staff. ICHNIA 2024 is a family friend event, children and companions are welcome.

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ICHNIA 2024 General Program

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The ICHNIA 2024 Abstract Book is digital only and is already available for consultation or download.

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Short Courses

Short courses will be held on April 13-14, 2024 in the Canto da Ilha Hotel Convention Center, and will last up to 8 h each one. See below the offered short courses and make your choice!

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Workshops will be held between April 13-14, 2024 and will last up to 16h. Take a look in the workshops list and make your choice!

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Technical Sessions

Technical sessions will be held on April 15-19, 2024 at Hotel Canto da Ilha Convention Center and will include oral and poster presentations.

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Keynote Talks

ICHNIA 2024 selected keynote talks aims to address relevant themes on ichnology that were never been embraced in previous editions and to give voice to talented ichnologists that have been providing amazing contributions to ichnology.

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Oral Presentations
Oral talks will be given in English and will last 15 min plus 5 min for questions. Presenters will receive a communication by e-mail regarding the day and time of their talks. As ICHNIA 2024 does not have parallel sessions, time and hour may be re-scheduled in case of no-shows. The technical sessions schedule will be available after March 15, 2024.

Poster Structure and Presentation 
Posters must be vertically oriented (portrait orientation), with 90 cm wide and 160 cm long, printed in paper/fabric, without frame. Posters will be fixed by pins, thus a 1 cm-wide white border in all sides is required. It must be written in English, using Arial Rounded, Arial Unicode, or Arial lettering. ICHNIA 2024 official logo must be inserted in the superior left corner, aligned with the poster title. Students granted with IIA, IAS, and/or SEPM travel grants, must insert the respective logo(s) in the superior right corner, aligned with the title.

ICHNIA 2024 and sponsors official logos are available at https://www.ichnia2024.com/ichnia-2024-timeline/ichnia-2024-second-circular-and-logos. Just click on the image with the right mouse button and download to your computer.

There is no printer service in Canto da Ilha Hotel or nearby; thus, bring your poster printed.

All posters will be exposed from April 15 to 19, 2024, and presenters are invited to stand on their posters every day as much as possible, for questions and discussions. Presenters will receive a communication by e-mail regarding the day that they should stand on their posters for official poster presentation. Poster presentation will last up to 10 min.

For additional information, send a message to ichnia2024@gmail.com.

Continental Ichnology of the Botucatu Formation

Come to see the spectacular vertebrate and invertebrate trace fossils discovered by Giuseppe Leonardi in Botucatu sandstone slabs while walking by the sidewalks of Araraquara (São Paulo State).

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ICHNIA 2024 Intra-Congress Field Trip

A full-day neoichnological safari in Florianópolis exploring backshore sand dunes, salt marshes, sandy beaches, and beach ponds.

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Invertebrate trace fossils from Southern Brazil

A tour to see invertebrate ichnofossils and ichnofabrics in shallow marine and glacial deposits of the Gondwana Paraná Basin.

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Registration in ICHNIA 2024 closed on March 15, 2024. It considered three main categories: student (including post-doc fellows), professional, and companion. Members of the International Ichnological Association (IIA) had a 20% discount for two years of membership (2022-2023) and 10% for one year of membership (2023).

The registration fee includes all ICHNIA 2024 materials, access to the technical sessions and keynote talks, all coffee breaks and lunch meals during technical sessions, access to a co-working area, transportation and meal during the intra-congress field trip, the ice-breaker reception (April 14, 2024), the Brazilian Night (April 17, 2024), and the Conference Dinner (April 18, 2024). The registration fee does not include accommodation, dinner meals, beverages during the social activities, pre- and post-congress field trips, workshops, and short courses. Companion fees include all issues except the congress materials package.

Workshop and short course fees include access to the activity, coffee breaks, and materials provided by leaders (digital format).

Prices are expressed in Brazilian Real (BRL or R$). Brazil does not operate formally with foreign currency, which implies that your payment must be made in Brazilian Real. Click here for Brazilian Real exchange rates.

ICHNIA 2024 registration fees:
CategoryUntil November 30, 2023Until January 31, 2024From February 1, 2024
StudentIIA 2-years membershipR$ 665.00R$ 760.00R$ 860.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 745.00R$ 860.00R$ 980.00
IIA non-memberR$ 830.00R$ 950.00R$ 1,075.00
ProfessionalIIA 2-years membershipR$ 1,325.00R$ 1,525.00R$ 1,725.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 1,490.00R$ 1,715.00R$ 1,940.00
IIA non-memberR$ 1,660.00R$ 1,905.00R$ 2,155.00
CompanionR$ 830.00R$ 950.00R$ 1,075.00

ICHNIA 2024 workshops fees:
CategoryUntil November 30, 2023Until January 31, 2024From February 1, 2024
StudentIIA 2-years membershipR$ 80.00R$ 90.00R$ 105.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 90.00R$ 105.00R$ 120.00
IIA non-memberR$ 100.00R$ 115.00R$ 130.00
ProfessionalIIA 2-years membershipR$ 120.00R$ 170.00R$ 190.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 145.00R$ 180.00R$ 190.00
IIA non-memberR$ 160.00R$ 185.00R$ 210.00

ICHNIA 2024 short courses fees:
CategoryUntil November 30, 2023Until January 31, 2024From February 1, 2024
StudentIIA 2-years membershipR$ 55.00R$ 65.00R$ 70.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 65.00R$ 75.00R$ 85.00
IIA non-memberR$ 70.00R$ 80.00R$ 90.00
ProfessionalIIA 2-years membershipR$ 80.00R$ 90.00R$ 105.00
IIA 1-year membershipR$ 90.00R$ 105.00R$ 120.00
IIA non-memberR$ 100.00R$ 115.00R$ 130.00

For further assistance regarding registration, please contact the Secretary Team at secretary@ichnia2024.com.

ICHNIA 2024 Refund Policy: 
Registration at ICHNIA 2024 may be cancelled at any time but will be subject to penalties as follows:

  • Cancellations until January 31, 2024 will have a full refund, excluding the amount of 7% of the registration, corresponding to the payment transfer fee charged by the Eventize! platform, which is not refundable.
  • Cancellations until February 28, 2024 will be fined 50%, except in documented cases of impediment of the participant’s coming to the event, due to illness or other that the Organizing Committee deems justifiable.
  • Cancellations until March 31, 2024 will be fined 70% of the paid amount in any circumstance. 
  • Cancellations after March 31, 2024 will be considered no-show and will not be refunded.
social and cultural activities imagesocial and cultural activities imagesocial and cultural activities image

ICHNIA 2024 wants to provide a real Brazilian experience to you!

As science is not everything in life, a little fun also does well. Thinking on this, the Organizing Committee is planning daily social events for your delighting, such as the ice-break reception, daily happy hours at the pool (after technical sessions), the ICHNIA Soccer Game, followed by a Brazilian night, and the conference dinner. From the Ice Break Party to the Farewell Dinner, the participants will have a chance to enjoy the typical Brazilian atmosphere and taste the flavors of the most celebrated Brazilian food and drinks, enjoy Brazilian music, and experience the best of Florianópolis culture and heritage. We invite you to take your seat in this experience! Soon we will detail all social and cultural experiences that will be part of ICHNIA 2024 agenda.

In ICHNIA 2024 Soccer Game, Gondwana Team will play against Laurasia Team. Chose your team and start practice! ICHNIA Soccer Game is ageless and accepts male and female players without any distinction!

Touristic assistance will also be offered during the meeting for those interested in exploring Florianópolis and its beautiful beaches or extending the stay to visit other places in Brazil.

Renata G. Netto


Geology Graduate Program, Unisinos University, Brazil

Daniel Sedorko


Museu Nacional/UFRJ, Brazil

João Henrique Dobler Lima


ICHNOS Research Group, Brazil

Jorge Villegas Martín


itt Fossil, Unisinos University, Brazil

Noelia Carmona

Scientific Committee Coordinator

Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina

Paula Dentzien-Dias

Technical Sections Coordinator

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil

Heitor Francischini

Field Trip Coordinator

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Diego Nascimento

Short Courses and Workshops Coordinator

Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Brazil

Rodrigo Scalise Horodyski

Infrastructure Coordinator

Geology Graduate Program, Unisinos University, Brazil

Sara Memória

Student Staff Coordinator

Geology Graduate Program Unisinos University, Brazil

Romulo Cenci

Infrastructure Team

MHGEO Museum, Unisinos, Brazil


University of Saskatchewan, Canada


Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina



Smith College, USA


Indian Institute of Technology at Bombai, India


CONICET, Argentina


University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


Equinor ASA, Norway


Smithsonian Institute, USA


Istituto Cavanis, Italy/Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Gabriela MÁNGANO

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Anthony MARTIN

Emory University, USA


Universidad Nacional de La Pampa/CONICET, Argentina

Masakazu NARA

Kochi University, Japan

Renata NETTO

Unisinos University, Brazil


Museo Jurásico de Asturias, Spain


University of West Alabama, USA


Universidad de Granada, Spain


Jagiellonian University, Poland

Andreas WETZEL

University of Basel, Switzerland

IAS Student Grant for ICHNIA 2024

IAS Student Grant for ICHNIA 2024

If you are a graduate student and a member of the International Association of Sedimentologists, you can apply for a travel grant to participate in ICHNIA 2024!

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IIA Student Grant for ICHNIA 2024

IIA Student Grant for ICHNIA 2024

If you are a graduate student and a member of the International Ichnological Association, you can also apply for a travel grant to participate in ICHNIA 2024!

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SEPM Travel Grants for ICHNIA 2024

SEPM Travel Grants for ICHNIA 2024

If you are a graduate student and a member of the Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM), you can apply for a travel grant to participate in ICHNIA 2024!

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ICHNIA 2020 on Facebook

ICHNIA 2020 opens its fan page at Facebook.

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ICHNIA 2020 First Circular

The ICHNIA 2020 First Circular is launched on May 31, 2019, with the initial information about the congress, the venue, field trips, and much other relevant information for the participants.

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ICHNIA 2020 website

ICHNIA 2020 website is available for all participants, including the general information about the congress, the scientific activities and field trips, subscription fees, abstract submission, and other relevant issues.

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The ICHNIA 2020 Abstract Template is now available.

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ICHNIA 2020 Second Circular

The ICHNIA 2020 Second Circular is launched with additional and detailed information about subscription, abstract submission, field trips, technical sessions, keynote talks, hotel accommodation, visit visa requirements, and other relevant issues for all the participants.

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News about the Covid-19 outbreak in Brazil

Information about Covid-19 outbreak in Brazil and why it will not impact ICHNIA 2020 schedule.

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Student Grants section is open in ICHNIA 2020 website.

Find the complete information about grants for students to participate on ICHNIA 2020 at https://www.ichnia2020.com/student-grants.


Discount registration extended!

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ICHNIA 2020 Schedule/Format Poll

Help ICHNIA 2020 Organize Team to make a decision about the future of the congress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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ICHNIA 2020 is postponed to 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainties, go presential on ICHNIA 2020 looks like impossible right now. Thus, the 5th International Congress on Ichnology was delayed to 2020. Read the letter from The President of ICHNIA 2020 Organizing Team to all ICHNIA participants.

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ICHNIA 2022 officially rescheduled!

ICHNIA 2022 is now officially rescheduled for April 4th-8th, 2022. Save the date!

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ICHNIA 2022 is coming!

News about the forthcoming actions regarding ICHNIA 2022 preps!

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ICHNIA 2022 is cancelled!

We regret to inform you that ICHNIA 2022 has been cancelled.

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ICHNIA 2024 is oficial launched

ICHNIA 2024 website was launched. Registration and abstract submission is now open!


ICHNIA 2024 Second Circular and Logos

The ICHNIA 2024 Second Circular is launched on March 6, 2024, with updated information about registration deadline, oral and poster presentation instructions, vacancies in short courses, workshops and field trips, technical sections and keynote speakers, and much more. Also, the official ICHNIA 2024 logo, and the sponsors logos are now available for download.

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ICHNIA 2024 3rd Circular is now available

Take a look and devote your utmost attention to the latest information regarding our event.

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